It is recommended that dogs get at least 30 mins. of exercise each day in order to be happy and healthy.  However, depending on your dog’s size and age the amount of exercise each day will vary.  Exercise for your dog can either come in the form of running, playing around at a park, playing fetch, or walking.


While it is great for your dog to run around a t a dog park or play fetch in your backyard, it is also a good idea to walk your dog daily in addition to those activities for various reasons:


  1. Dogs need adequate exercise so as to avoid being overweight and developing health complications as a result of excess fat
  2. Walks also tire out dogs, so they will not have pent up energy and get into mischief while by themselves
  3. Dogs are social creatures, and walking allows dog(s) to interact with humans on a constant personal level for a long period of time
  4. Walks allow dogs to use all their senses to explore and learn about the world
  5. Much like how exercise is a great stress reliever for humans, a daily walk is a great stress reliever for dogs
  6. Walks let dogs know their place in their social unit


Now that you see how important a daily walk is for every dog, let me tell you why hiring Tara's Dog Services is the way to go if you do not have time to walk your dog yourself:


  1. Since walking dogs is my business, you will feel more secure in knowing that I take my job seriously
  2. You know that each visit your dog will have a guaranteed walk of whatever time amount you paid for
  3. You know that your dog will have a guaranteed walk every day you paid for
  4. You do not have to impose on your friends and family to walk and care for your dog
  5. You will feel secure in knowing that I have experience with caring for animals
  6. I will go to your house to pick up your dog and walk your dog, so if your dog is sensitive the experience will not be so traumatic for your dog since your dog will be in a familiar environment.  Once your dog gets more comfortable with me, I will try different routes if allowed.
  7. Often times I will walk multiple dogs at a time, so your dog will be able to socialize with other dogs under the supervision of an experienced individual



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