Hi.  Being a fellow dog owner (I have two wonderful dachshunds named Momo and MJ), I know how important it is to trust anyone who comes in contact with your dog.  I also know how unnerving it is to allow someone you do not know really well into your home unattended.  Therefore, let me tell you a little bit about myself, and hopefully you will see that you can trust your dog and your home with me.


I was born and raised in Hawaii Kai.  In 2008, I decided that a career relating to dogs was for me.  I wasn’t sure exactly what career to choose that related to dogs until I started to notice all the dogs I saw or heard stuck in their houses throughout the day while I was out walking my dogs.  I kept seeing more and more dogs depressed and deprived of exercise and attention throughout the day that I knew I had to become a professional dog walker.  I want to help as many dogs as I can get all the exercise, love, and attention they so desperately need when their owners are busy with everything that comes along with life. 


Tara Char


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(808) 392-6619


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