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• Walk

• Visits

• Hourly Pet Sitting

• Overnight Pet /House Sitting

• Additional Fees

• Refunds & Cancellations




Dogs are social creatures and need a daily walk of at least 30 minutes for their well-being, as well as yours. Dog walks are great to tire dogs out, and to get them out of the house during the day while you are busy with work or errands.


Hawaii Kai – Kaimuki
$45 for a 30 minute walk (Based on up to 2 dogs)
*$5 for each additional dog after 2 dogs per walks




In the event you are gone for a long period of time and need someone to check up on your pet(s) at your house, Tara’s Dog Services offers in-house visits up to 2xs a day.
Tara’s Dog Services is also able to take care of your other pets besides dogs, such as fish,
rabbits, cats, birds, etc.
Each visit includes, but is not limited to potty breaks, feeding, changing of water bowl, play
time, and lots of belly rubs.


Hawaii Kai – Kaimuki
$40 per 30 minute visit (Based on up to 2 pets)
*$2 for each additional pet after 2 pets per visit


*2 visits are required for dogs that are left alone for a continuous time period of 12 hours or more.




For those pet owners who want something a bit longer than 30 minute visits for their pets while they are gone for a long period of time, Tara’s Dog Services also offers hourly pet sitting.


Hawaii Kai – Kaimuki
$25 per hour (Based on up to 2 pets)
*$2 for each additional pet after 2 pets per visit


**Minimum of 2 hours per visit




If you would prefer to have a trustworthy, responsible, and fellow animal lover stay at your house to take care of your pet(s) and house while you are away on a trip you have come to the right place. Offering overnight pet/house sitting, which includes bringing in the mail and newspaper, taking out trash bins, multiple daily walks for dog(s), changing kitty litter, watering plants, and more.


Hawaii Kai – Ala Moana
$90 per night




$5 in addition to regular services fee for major national/local holidays and weekends (upon availability)

$5 to pick up or drop off key/fob before or after service


*Additional Fees for extended driving distances (please inquire for details)






**All prices and services are subject to change at any time
**Payment is expected prior to beginning of service


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